My research concentrates on how people evaluate (e.g. put a price tag on, choose among) the objects in their world. I have been especially interested in how people manage difficult tradeoffs, such as in settings that induce emotion, unfamiliarity, risk, and/or ethics. Recent work has expanded this interest to include brand persistence, the marketing of financial services, and the evolution of consumer preference over time.

Many of my papers also reflect an interest in data analysis and scaling issues.

For published research, please see vita .

Examples of other recent work and work in progress:

Protected values and consumer choice, with Jon Baron.

Preference learning, with Robert Meyer

Brand persistence, with Peter Golder.

Measuring discrete and continuous variables, with Gary McClelland.


Research Funding

Advance science and earn $$: Jon Baron is continually running interesting experiments on the web-- he will pay you to participate. Click here for more information.