See the winners

Showcase Showdown

Come to the McCombs Next Top Major Showcase, 5:30–7:00PM on Wed, Feb. 18, 2009 (location TBA) to see which films win. Based on the highest number of votes, two films from each major and two wild card videos (chosen by the judges from all 45 entries) will be shown.

Judges from the sponsoring companies will watch the 20 films and select the Best Video in a Major for each of the 9 McCombs majors, one Runner-up, and one Grand Prize Winner!

After the Showcase, join the judges and your fellow filmmakers for a pizza reception.

Grand Prize Winner

Engineering Route to Business

by The Carls

  • Tony Griffin (Undeclared Business)
  • Richard Walls (Undeclared Business)
  • Tamir Kalifa (Radio-Television-Film)



by The One Hit Wonders

  • Huong Le (Accounting)
  • Kevin Nguyen (Communications)
  • Nin Bui (Chinese)


  • Accounting: One Hit Wonders
    • Huong Le Accounting
    • Kevin Nguyen Communications
    • Nin Bui Chinese
  • Business Foundations: Two Guys, a Girl, and One Camera
    • Hyun-Soo Han Business Honors
    • Amanda Elizondo Business Honors
    • Jason Harter Radio-Television-Film
  • Business Honors: Risky Business
    • Jordan Ripley Business Honors
    • Cameron Jones Radio-Television-Film
    • Edward Wittlif Radio-Television-Film
  • Engineering Route to Business: The Carls
    • Tony Griffin Undeclared Business
    • Richard Walls Undeclared Business
    • Tamir Kalifa Radio-Television-Film
  • Finance: Jake Jake Jake Jake
    • Daniel Ziger Finance
    • Monica Patterson Art
    • Chris Evans Finance
  • International Business: Fantastic Four
    • Dawn Choe Finance
    • Justin Rhee Biology
    • Simon Yang Finance
  • Management: Chicago Bear Market
    • Jared Kastriner Undeclared Business
    • David Blum Radio-Television-Film
    • Brandon Greenspan Undeclared Communications
  • Marketing: Dinosaurs & Pasta
    • Marshall Rimmer Marketing
    • Aaron Marquis Marketing
    • Nadia Elias Marketing
  • Management Information Systems: Bevosoft 2.0
    • Anish Malpani Undeclared Business
    • Derek Pavlicek Undeclared Business
    • Amruta Jonnalagadda Business Honors
  • Supply Chain Management: Boy Meets Business World
    • Kevin Zhu Business Honors
    • Kevin MaUndeclared Business
    • William Zhou Undeclared Business