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  • Notebooks - Notebook issues are handled by the SWAT Shop.
  • Jobs - If you are interested in working in the Millennium Lab, please fill out a job application.  The fall semester is typically our largest hiring semester for lab proctors.  We also bring on some new lab proctors for the spring semester. 
  • Lost and Found - All lost and found items are taken to the Dean's office (GSB 2.104) on the second floor weekly.  You may also come to the Millennium Lab for lost and found items.  If an item is found with identifying information, the student will be emailed regarding the item at his/her McCombs email account. 
  • I forgot my password or need it reset.
  • For non-lab questions or issues, please visit the technical support website.  You can also find lots of information on different McCombs technology topics using the McCombs Tech Wiki.     
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  • The Media Lab, open to all business students, is located in CBA 1.343. This facility has capabilities for digitizing and editing video, burning DVDs and CDs and a broad array of other applications and uses.  This lab is open to McCombs students, faculty and staff.
  • The EDS Financial Trading and Technology Center (FTTC) Lab located in GSB 3.120 has 39 workstations and provides real-time data feeds from Bloomberg, FactSet, Reuters and StockVal.  The lab is available for general use and used as a reservation facility.  This facility is open to McCombs students, faculty and staff.
  • The ITS Digital Media Lab is located in GSB 2.130 (behind the Dean's Office). This facility has Mac and PC workstations, digital media software and associated peripherals.  The Digital Media Lab is open to all UT students.
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If you still need to contact us about something, you have a few options:

  • Come to the Millennium Lab (CBA 5.332) and speak with a Lab Proctor. Click here for lab hours.
  • Send an e-mail to the Lab Supervisors.  Please be very specific about any problems/issues in your email correspondence.


  • How do I log on to printing?
    The cbamil printers are ITS printers.  These printers are duplex (double-sided) capable.  To print using the ITS printers, first you must have a BevoBucks account with sufficient funds in order to print.  When ready to print a document, from the File menu select Print.  Select the printer you would like to use.  If you want a black and white print, select cbamil_lw.  If you want a color plain paper print, select cbamil_clw.  Once you have clicked print, a dialog box will open requesting your UTEID and password.  After this information is submitted and verified, a couple more dialog boxes will open verifying the job, number of pages, printer being printed to, and associated costs.
  • How do I pay for printing?
    Each McCombs student will have $12.00 deposited after the twelth class day for printing purposes.  This is equivalent to 200 black and white pages (.06/page).  The millab-color printer assesses .50/page, so plan your printing accordingly in order to maximize your printing balance.  Once the $12.00 for millab printing has been exhausted, you must deposit money in your Bevo Bucks account for printing purposes.  Faculty and staff need to set up an IT Prepaid Account in order to use the lab printers.       
  • How much does printing cost?
    Millab print job prices are described above in the "How do I pay for printing" section.  Print jobs printed on the ITS black & white printers are $0.06/page.  Pages on the ITS color printer are $0.50/page.
  • How do I get a refund for a bad job?
    ITS Accounts for Individuals - Getting a Refund
    ITS Services and Refund Policy
  • Where is my print job?
    In the Millennium Lab, printouts are placed on the counter of the proctor station opposite the bank of printers filed alphabetically by UTEID for ITS printers, or numerically by the last 3 digits of the McCombs account name for the millab printers. Old printouts are filed in the folders in front of the counters, and printouts are kept for three days. In the MOD Lab, printouts may be found either on the printer, by the printer, or in the metal filing drawer located in MOD West.  In the Reading Room (Reliant Productivity Center), printouts may be found on the printer or on the shelf to the right of the printers.  Printouts are only kept for three days in these labs.
    Make sure you select the correct printer before printing
    Keep in mind: large documents or documents containing images will take longer to print.
    The print queue may also be delayed if there a high volume of printing already exists.
  • Why is my print job missing?
    You may not have enough funds in your BevoBucks account to cover the cost of the print job you submitted.  Add money to your BevoBucks accounts.  Make sure that you pay for the amt. you have added.  Resubmit the job.  Also, check with the lab proctor to see if there are any technical difficulties with the lab printers and/or the ITS printing service.
  • How do I check whether (or where) my print job is in the print queue?
    Visit the lab proctor station.  The lab proctor can check the online printing administration module and see if your print job is in the queue and which queue it is in.  Also, the print confirmation box should tell you which printer your job was sent to.  For example, if you job shows as being printed to cbamil_lw.5, then your print job was sent to printer 5 in the Millennium Lab.
  • The printing dialog box shows that my document printed, but there is no document for me at the lab proctor station.  What gives?
    If your document appears to print, but there is no document, check the print dialog box in your application and be sure the check box for printer is selected.  If the checkbox for file is selected, it causes your document to print-to-file on your disk rather than sending your document to the printer.  (information taken from ITS Printing Service website)  Also, some documents, possibly unbeknownst to you, are submitted to the printer using a different paper format, such as legal (8.5x14).  Our printers ONLY print on 8.5x11 letter plain paper.  You may find some documents in Blackboard designed to printer legal-sized paper format.  Make sure to change the format before you try to print using the printers in the McCombs Computer Labs.  
  • I want to print from my laptop to one of the ITS Print Relay printers in the McCombs Labs.  What do I need to do?
    In order to print remotely to a printer on campus from your notebook computer or personal computer, you will need to download and install the appropriate software.  If you experience any problems connecting (Mac OS X), you may need to configure your firewall to allow the ITS Printer Service to work.  (information taken from ITS Printing Service website)
  • Adobe Acrobat files
    If you are having trouble printing a PDF file, try selecting "print as image" from the print screen.
    To copy text from a PDF file, select the Text tool icon from the Acrobat toolbar. (Looks like the letter T with an outline of a box.) This will allow you to highlight what you want to copy. After highlighting, right click in the area that you have highlighted. Select copy. Go to the document that you want to paste into, and select paste.     

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Mccombs msb account

  • Help!  I can't remember my msb account number!
    You have a couple of options here.  Visit the lab proctor station in the Millennium Lab and you can either look up your msb number using the password reset module (just don't reset your password if you already know it!), the Outlook GAL (Global Address List) or the McCombs Account Lookup Module.

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  • How do I configure MS Outlook to access my mccombs email from home?
    Visit the McCombs Tech Wiki article Access email off campus for information on this topic.   
  • How do I access my mccombs email online through a Web browser?
    Outlook Web Access is available at
    NOTE: A login window will appear.  Login as if you were logging onto a lab machine.  You will need to precede your user name with mccombs\. Example: mccombs\msbad123.  Visit the Tech Wiki article Outlook Web Access for more information on this process.
  • How do I forward my UT @mail to my bus email account?
    You can forward your UT email to any account you'd like.  Just visit the UMBS Email Forwarding page.
  • I am graduating. How do I set up Lifetime email Forwarding?
    Visit the McCombs Tech Wiki article on Lifetime Email Forwarding
  • How do I troubleshoot the size of my mailbox?
    Visit the McCombs Tech Wiki article on Mailbox Size.  After reading this, visit the article on Mailbox Cleanup in order to free up space. 
  • Other problems
    Business school email account questions should be directed to Any other problems with email accounts should be directed to ITS.

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  • Where can I find training on or assistance with the lab software?
    You can find assistance and training on all Microsoft Office applications and software in the Common Operating Environment  by visiting our Training Team website or by contacting the Training Team.  Training classes are offered by user group requiring the training.  "How Do I... ?" questions can be answered via email, in person (GSB 3.129) , or over the phone (512-232-6693).  If you require assistance using Visual Basic (MIS 304, MIS 325, MIS 333K students), you will find VB.NET proctors stationed in the Millennium Lab throughout the weekdays.  Just look for the VB.NET signs on top of the monitor.  A VB.NET proctor sign in sheet is maintained at the lab proctor station, so you can also check there to see if a VB.NET proctor is currently on duty in the lab.   

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