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Software Installation Request

 Please use the most current Internet Explorer browser to complete this request. 
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Software will be installed on the machines in the McCombs Computer Labs only if it is properly licensed and used in conjunction with courses offered at the McCombs School of Business. To request software installation, please read the installation procedure below and then supply information about the software using the form below.

Please thoroughly read over the lab image process document before filling out this form. 

Name of software  
Version of software  
Is this installation for a MOD Lab reservation(s)?   Yes     No
If you answered yes to the previous question, will the software be used only for the MOD Lab reservation(s) or will it be used by students throughout the semester?  
If used only for MOD Lab reservations, at what time can the software be uninstalled/disabled?
(please enter value in mm/dd/yyyy format)
Where would you like this software installed?  
Would you like the software installed in an additional lab?  
Course(s) that will use this software  
Instructor Name  
Instructor Email Address  
Instructor Phone Number (use 111-1111 format)  
Will the software be used during class time? Not at all     Sometimes           Frequently
Total number of students in these courses  
What semesters will the software be used?
Is this a shareware or commercial product that requires purchased licenses? Yes           No
If so, has your department already purchased the required number of licenses? Yes        No        Not Applicable
Is there any other information that you feel we need?  

Questions or comments should be addressed to David Newsom