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Approximate Time: 5-10 minutes
There are 3 sections to this folio.


Before Continuing

1. If you have not already done so, you may wish to visit the index page to download the list of helpful bookmarks.

2. It is recommended you use a high-speed internet connection to view these videos.  Otherwise, please be patient as they load.

3. It is recommended that you turn on your computer speakers or plug in earphones to listen to the videos.


Action Items

1. Get your McCombs Account, if you do not already know it

2. Ensure your  email is set to forward correctly in your McCombs Online Resources profile

3. Email McCombs Computer Services if you need your email name changed

1. Rules for Using Technology at UT

Click the Play button to view this video in a new window.


2. Your Accounts

You have two accounts that you will use at the Business School.

UT EID - Your UT EID is provided by the University to perform secure actions.  This is the account you used to apply to the University of Texas.  It is managed by the UT Information Technology Services (ITS) department.  Therefore, you should address any questions or issues with it to the ITS Help Desk.  You can reset your password or lookup your EID at the EID Self Service Tools Site.  Your UT EID is used to:

  • register for classes
  • access the wireless internet
  • access Blackboard
  • use WebSpace to store files
  • login to the UT Direct portal


McCombs Account - The second account is your McCombs Account, also known as your MSB Account.  MSB is short for McCombs School of Business.  Get your Login Account name and set the password at the Password Change Site.  Your MSB Account is used to:

  • login to the Business School computer labs
  • use your McCombs MySite


3. Email

All business students get a McCombs-branded email address.  It uses the naming convention:

The email address is not case sensitive.  You can use either capitalized letters or lowercase letters in your address.

Upon graduating from McCombs, this address will be good for life.  You will always be able to contact classmates at their addresses.  In addition, you can put this on your resume to ensure that you receive all recruiter emails.

Checking Your Email
- The University considers email as its official form of correspondence.  Therefore, you want to make sure you:

Name Changes
- In the McCombs Online Resources site, you can see your McCombs-branded email address.  After logging in, click on the 'Update Profile' tab, and then the 'Email Forwarding' tab.  If you go by a different name, like a shortened name, a middle name, or an Americanized name, your email address can be changed.  Send an email to  Include your McCombs Account (also known as your MSB Account) and the name you would like to have your email address changed to. 

Be aware that the old McCombs address will not forward to the new McCombs address, so if you have given out your current McCombs email address to anyone, be sure to tell them to begin emailing your new address immediately.

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