McCombs School of Business
Tech Prep

MPA Technology@McCombs 

Folio 2

Approximate Time: 5 - 10 minutes
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Action Items

1. Update your profile in McCombs Online Resources.


1. Online Resources

There are many helpful online resources available to you as a UT student.  You may wish to familiarize yourself with them before arriving on campus. 



Blackboard Website

Blackboard is the website professors will use to share class documents, announcements, and grades.  Click the link above to go to Blackboard.


UT Direct  

UT Direct Website

UT Direct is the student portal for all University of Texas students. 


McCombs Online Resources 

McCombs Online Resources Website

McCombs Online Resources is your one-stop site for many of the important functions you'll need to perform at McCombs.  Options include accessing your class registration waitlists, networking with alumni, and accessing the McCombs Job Board. 


UT Directory

The UT Directory is available for you to look up contact information for anyone at UT.  You can access the Directory by:


McCombs Tech Help Wiki

The McCombs Tech Help Wiki is a website that contains answers to many helpful tech questions.  It is setup similarly to Wikipedia, so you are able to search for information, as well as use the navigation.  Usually, searching on this site will yield the answers you need.


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