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Hi, everyone.  This is Holly Green, and I am going to be talking to you today about the rules you will need to follow when you use your technology resources at UT.  These rules apply not just when you are using your email account, or when you are using server space we give you, they also apply when you are using our internet connection. 

At the very least, if you violate one of these rules, you will get a stern talking to from a dean.  There can be legal consequences as well.

Do not share your accounts and passwords with other people.  Sometimes a staff member or faculty member may need to know your username to help you.  It is fine to give someone your user name, but never give them your password.  You have two accounts while you are here.  Your UTEID and your McCombs Account.  If you give out your password and user name it can lead to things like identity theft.  If someone has your McCombs password, they can send email pretending to be you.  If someone has your EID, they can drop you from all of your classes.

Your EID is also tied to money.  You are responsible for all charges made to this account.  So, if you share your password with someone and they make a lot of charges to your account, you are responsible for them.

You are not allowed to send rude, threatening, or harassing email, even as a joke.  We have had students get in trouble for this in the past.

Do not violate copyright laws.  That means do not download music you have not paid for.  Students have gotten in trouble for this in the past.  In addition, do not take information from books or web sites and turn them in as your own, or put them on the internet as your own.

You are not allowed to send spam.  You will have access to everyone in the business school’s email address, but you are not allowed to email the entire business school.  This applies even if it is for a class project or a student organization event.  If you do need to reach a large group of people, you can talk to somebody in the program office about the best way to do that.

You are not allowed to profit from the use of a university technology resource.  If you start your own business while you are here, you are not allowed to use your McCombs or UT email address as your official email address, and you are not allowed to use the server space that we give you for your business. 

You are not allowed to hack into our systems.

These are just the most important rules, and the rules that are broken most often.  You are responsible for following the complete set of rules.  You can find them on the UT Vice President of Information Technology’s web site at  The link is also in your downloadable handouts.

Thank you for watching and reading.