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Spoken Text

Hello, I'm Ben Bond, and this is Disk Cleanup.

The Disk Cleanup utility helps your computer run faster by removing unnecessary files from the hard drive. This is important for computers with smaller hard drives, older computers and for frequent computer users. It is best to run the Disk Cleanup during a time when you will not need your computer, because it can often cause other programs to run slowly. To start the Disk Cleanup, go to the Windows Button, then All Programs, then Accessories, then System Tools, and then Disk Cleanup.   Disk Cleanup will then ask you if you want to clean up files that are yours only or for files of all users on this computer.

Disk Cleanup calculates how much space can be freed up on your C: drive.  It will present options for different groups of files to delete. Examples of files to delete include files in your Recycle Bin and temporary files. You can delete them by placing a check in the check box next to each group.  If you are unsure what a group means, you can click on it one time and a description will appear below it. Once you have selected all the groups you wish to delete, press OK. Disk Cleanup will then delete the files. This can take anywhere from a few minutes up to an hour. It is recommended you start this process before a long period of not needing your computer, such as while you are eating, reading, or sleeping.